Free Domain Parking when you register a new domain
ProHosting will park your domain for $FREE when you register a new domain! There are over 5,000 domain names being registered every day, so register yours today before the domain name of your choice is gone forever!

What is domain parking?
  Domain Parking is kind of like putting your Web site on layaway but without any payments. Register & Park your domain name with us until you are ready to publish your Web site to the world.
What's in it for ProHosting?
  We will store your domain name on our servers for FREE with the hopes of being your hosting provider when you are ready for full service. However, the hosting company you ultimately choose is entirely up to you.
How do I park my Domain?
  Click on the button below, and then ProHosting will handle the rest of your Domain Parking. It's just that simple.

Domain name:


  NOTE: If the domain name is not already registered, you will be charged a fee of $20.00 to have the domain name registered. This is to register your domain name. ProHosting will park your domain for FREE.

At the end of the initial registration period, you will have opportunity to renew the registration. Domains can be renewed for $20.00 for a 1 year renewal. If you allow the domain to expire before renewing, you can still renew with no additional fees if you complete the renewal within 35 days after it expires. If you wish to renew an expired domain more than 35 days after expiration, you may be subject to an additional redemption fee up to $100.
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